Saturday, 19 April 2014

Challenge 232 - Die cuts/punches

Howdy there peeps - are you all feeling as mixed up as me?

Its Easter here and today was a bank holiday.... so yesterday was market day instead of today.... so I'm thrown now, time wise that is.  I won't be normal until next week when things are back to normal!

Doesn't take much to get me all askew - its not just me is it?

Well thanks to our players from last week, some wonderful creations as always and as always there's only one winner and that Siobhan - please email.

So this week we'd like to see some die cuts or punches on your creations please folks.  The winner will receive a lush paper pack.... you can never have enough paper can you?

As always the Gorjussettes have some inspiration...

Aren't these lovely?

So as always please remember the roolz!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Challenge 231 - Charming!

Oh heck!  Someone stole a whole day from me!  Plus I had BIG plans for today which naturally with the loss of a day haven't happened...

Still thanks to our players from last week - the RPT has chosen Marianne - please email me.

So this week we'd like something charming from you, either in concept or with the addition of a charm or even both!  Once more our fabulous sponsor is Crafters Companion.

The Gorjussettes have something to charm you...

Didn't I tell you they were charming?  As always please remember the roolz ;)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Challenge 230 - white on white

Howdy there peeps - how y'all doin?

Manic here, I've added another job to my list, nursemaid!  My poor OM is poorly, the amount of pills I'm dishing out makes me think I could add Pharmacist to my CV!  

So thanks for last weeks players as always one winner and that is Lynne

This week our theme is the lovely elegant white on white and our sponsor is the fabulous Ribbon Girl

As always some loveliness to share;

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Challenge 229 - food and/or drink


Ok there's been a LOOOONG interval between typing this and it appearing!  My router decided that it doesn't want to rout or whatever it does....  still at last its routering!

Are you all ready?  I only ask because according to the weatherman we have a heatwave arriving tomorrow!

Exciting huh?  In anticipation I have my shades, suncream and deckchair all ready.  Luckily all these things can be used with a coat and sweater!  Sometimes I find that the weatherman tells fibs....

So thanks to our players from last week - lovely creations as always.

The RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Anya.

This week our theme is to show some food and drink, both or one or the other is fine.
As always we have some inspiration to share







so aren't they just super?

We'd love to see your makes too - please remember the roolz ;)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Challenge 228 - Mum


Its that time again already - where's the time flying to?
I'm busy here playing nursemaid - my husband is ill.... poor chap is really suffering.  So adding that to everything else ~sighs~

Enough moaning - thanks to the players from last week, the RPT has done his stuff and he's chosen Ena - please email.

So this week we'd like to see something for Mum - next week here in the UK is Mothers Day.  If you prefer a birthday card for a mum that's fine too.  One lucky winner will receive a bundle of lush ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons.

So the Gorjussettes have some inspiration to share;

So aren't those just lovely?

As always please remember the roolz!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Challenge 227 - Thank you

Howdy peeps!

Quick one as I'm late and as always chasing my tail..... one day I will catch it....

Thanks to last weeks players and the lucky winner is Leonara, please mail me with the challenge number in the title line.

This week we're sponsored by the fabulous Hobby House - this week we'd like to see your 'Thank You' offerings - its one way of us also saying thank you to you all for playing along!

lets see what the Gorjussettes have to share...

So aren't those just super?  Please play along and as always remember the rrolz!

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Now I know lots of you are after my skin because I owe you 'stuff' -  yes I know that I do.  You also know that I've had troubles with emails (after I broke it because I tried altering things  ~ note if its not broke don't fix it ~)

At the moment in my PRIVATE life there's lots of stuff going on which I do not intend to share on the internet.  All I ask is that you bear with me and you will all get the things that you're entitled to.  Because trust me none of you would want to swap places with me right now.

Net -x-